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Interior Design

Changing the furniture can be expensive. What could be the simplest solution? Change the interior painting of the house! Not only that it is the cheapest way, but it will also change the overall look and atmosphere of a room. This article provides information and tips on the necessary preparations, paint colours and finishes.


The first thing to consider here is the available furniture, cabinets, fabric, carpet, or tiles. Since replacing them are not quite necessary, make sure that colours and designs of these samples will complement one another. Do not forget to measure the room or the interior of the house that needs repainting.  Paint stores can help determine the quantity of paint needed. Even when choosing the right paint colour, seeking advice especially from paint professional really pays off.

Paint Products

Before you make a final choice pick up some paint colour cards from a local shop.  Never rush in choosing a paint colour. While searching for an interior paint colour that fits the room, study the colours well. Know the different shades of a colour and consider using a darker tone at some areas of the house. Be wise in selecting warm colours, like orange, red, and pink or cool colours such as blue, green, and violet to complete the right tone. Do not always resort to white. Be brave and playful by matching various colours. Look for a paint store that offers custom colour mixing to achieve the tone that is best for the furniture in the room.

That’s all white!

However, always have a white paint readily available in the house, as It can be used to lighten other paint that’s too dark. Then, to give emphasis on certain parts of the room, use deeper or brighter tones. In achieving a really striking look, try dark tones and lighter walls or even bright colour for trim. The next step after choosing colours is to give it a try. Test it on a surface (it can be a board or a wall). Have several samples and view it during the day and night, even inside or outside the room.


Watt Light !!

Check the differences too by viewing it in natural light, incandescent or fluorescent lights. Let the paint dry because some paint becomes dull while others tend to look brighter as it dries on the surface. If the paint was applied to a board as a sample, place it up against the wall or lay it flat on the floor to see how it will look like when applied to the room. Examine if the sample is being affected by other colours in a room, thus changing the original colour. For ceilings, light colours are usually most pleasing but matching the ceiling to the wall colour is not a bad idea at all. Try paints that are one or two shades lighter than the wall colour.

Paint Types &  Finishes

Another important thing to consider in the interior painting is the paint finish. A matte finish is the most commonly used of all. It can be used to hide small wall bumps and cracks because this finish does not reflect light, it is also used for ceilings. A room can look classic and simple with this finish on walls and furniture too. For halls, some manufacturers recommend flat enamel because it is durable and it produces walls resembling flat finishes. It only holds up to occasional cleaning though.

An eggshell finish has an only slight hint of shine, so it is good for walls too. However, compared with a flat finish paint it holds up better with cleaning which is why it is commonly used in painting children’s rooms along with satin paints and semi-gloss finishes. These glossy paints can be used in selected parts like doors, trim, and cabinets in kitchens. Since the bathroom is constantly exposed to water, splashing, or steam, it is best painted with a semi-gloss paint. It is good to remember that the shinier the paint finish, the longer it will last even if it is often washed and cleaned.


Plan Plan Plan!

Although there are so many things to consider in painting the interior of a house, always remember that planning these things take time – so never rush in deciding, just enjoy the work, and be brave in trying out new ideas