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    Our Services

  • Paint Stripping
  • Interior painting & decorating
  • Wallpaper removal
  • Coving
  • House painting
  • Exterior decorating
  • Deck cleaning & staining
  • Rentals & multi-room
  • Epoxy Floor painting

The types of deck stain formulations that we use are solid or Semi-Transparent proven products.

Solid:  Stain looks like paint but shows some grain texture.

Semi – Transparent: Is more like a sealer with some colour that allows tonal differences in the grain to show through.

Paint: Is thicker than stain and tends to lay on the wood surface.

Stain: (Oil or water based) tends to penetrate into the grain. Why not use paint? Well, the reason being that wood expands when it becomes wet and contracts when dry. And as such the wood changes shape constantly, with this happening the paint tends to loosen and peel off in sheets.

Alkyd: Paint is very resistant to normal wear and tear. Thus, this type of paint is used commonly in “high traffic” type areas, it is oil based paint; you will need paint thinner to clean up your brushes if you accidentally spill this paint on concrete—it is hard to remove. With this product, you get around 5-7 years of durability on vertical structures using solid, and 2-3 years on horizontal surfaces using semi-transparent.I use oil/water based stains and will use all selection of paints to give your deck brand new look. I will use only proven and environmentally friendly materials. Latex (water based paint) use water to cleanup up and quite durable. The stain companies are telling us that this finish should be a match for oil in durability. I don’t like to use, due to peeling and lapping.

Our 5 Step Process

1. Strip Decking & Sand
2. Wash Decking
3. Neutralise (pH Balancing)*
5. Stain Decking

* A high pH means the alkalinity is high which will darken the wood and cause premature coating failure. “Neutralising” the wood with an acid will bring the pH closer to a neutral 7. This will brighten the wood up and I believe most stains do better with a slightly acidic pH.

Decking Maintenance Prices

Deck Cleaning & Staining £7.85 per m²

Vertical & Horizontal,rails £3.50 per /ML

Benches, Planter Boxes & Steps, £9.50 per add-ons e.g.

All Materials included.

The Price includes all 5 step process.

All of my work is guaranteed for 3-5 years and I will take care of everything from protecting your property to clean up. There is no need for you to get your hands dirty or to waste time and money trying to the job yourself. I will get the job done on time and to perfection

Pressure Washing Pricing

(Inclusive of Materials)

Driveway Cleaning Only: £3.55 per m²

Driveway Cleaning & Re-Sanding: £4.70 m²

Driveway Cleaning, Sanding & Sealing: £6.85 m²


Patio Cleaning & Sealing:  £5.50 per m²

Paths, Walkways, Walls:     £3.45 per m²/ML


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